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EcoBeams®It's nice to fool Mother NatureEcoBeams®

Dream Homes

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EcoBeams® Benefits:

• The Original Hand-Crafted Faux Wood Beam

• Any Size Available

• Accepts H20 based Wood Stains

• No Rotting or Mildew

• Easier & Safer to Install than Real Wood

• 100% Warp Free

• Termite Resistant

• CFC & HCFC Free

• Eco-Intelligent Choice for Building Design & Innovation

• Made from minimum 30% Recycled Content

• Preserves our Precious Natural Resources

• Fabrication by-product is 100% Recycled

• EcoBeams are Recyclable - Reducing Overall Jobsite Debris

• Non-Toxic / Zero VOC Does Not Affect Indoor Air Quality

• Manufactured in the U.S. with Locally Acquired Materials

• Mold Resistant Tests favorably in Accordance with ASTM C1338

• Passed UL 1715 & UBC 26-3 Room Corner Fire Test

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